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Underground Comix Cartoonists

Underground Comix Cartoonists

Photos of UG underground comix artists, S.Clay Wilson, Crumb, Greg Irons, Dave Sheridan, Gilbert Shelton, Joel Beck, etc...All taken by Clay Geerdes, Photo-journalist.

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Underground Comics Mini Documentary

A short documentary on the art of Underground Comics featuring interviews with pulitzer prize winner Art Speigelman as well as David Boswell, James Lloyd and Colin Upton. A brief and informative...

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Masters of L.A.'s Underground Comics

1/25/06---A panel discussion on the state of underground comics in Los Angeles moderated by author and comics scholar Michael Dooley, with L.A.-based alternative comics creatives Jaime and...

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Underground comix score


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Stan Lee's Underground Comix Experiment

Comix Book #s 1 - 3 co published by Denis Kitchen and Stan Lee in 1974 featuring many Underground Comix legends. Check out the article where Denis Kitchen discusses this project with Stan Lee...

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UnderGround Comix CGC Collection.. Graham Nash Pedigree!!! COOL

Happy New Year EveryOne!!! It is Afternoon on New Years Eve and Raining.. but 70 degrees here in the Baltimore/Wash Suburbs... Can't complain... Showing some Underground Comix I have, the Graham...

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Lecture 14 - Underground Comix

In the turbulent 1960s, a group of Bay Area artists revitalized American comics from the Underground.

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Underground Comics: Final Project

This video is about My Movie.

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Deutschsprachige Underground-Comix und Comic-Plagiate

Es begann mit den \

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Section 04b - Underground Comics & Modern Graphic Novels

Module 01 - Section 04 - Underground Comics & Modern Graphic Novels This is the second video for Section 04.

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Underground Comic Review: Bijou Funnies #7

In this episode I take a look at Bijou Funnies #7, which features art by legendary artists Robert Crumb, Skip Williamson, and Art Spiegelman.

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Underground Comix - Multiple Printings

In the comments section of a video about Underground Comix over a year ago I was asked if I could show some examples of the different printings of some issues and how someone could tell them...

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Dallas Underground Comics - Episode 1

The documentary is a series of episodes with exclusive interviews of the most creative Dallas and Forth Worth (Texas) cartoonists. Artists in this video: Max Kraken, Ryan Thies, Miguel Aguilar,...

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Rebel Visions Underground Comix


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panellogy 106 - underground comix

I show you some anthologies of the volksverlag with underground comix artists of the late 70s, early 80s like robert crumb, tomas bunk, bill sheridan, spain, s clay wilson, greg irons, trina...

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Texas Ranger Wonder Wart Hog Underground Comix Gilbert Shelton


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Sexto Episódio da Segunda Temporada da Conexão HQ. Neste episódio comentamos sobre a importância do trabalho marginal de Robert Crumb, da pioneira revista underground Comix e de todos os...

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Masterpieces of Underground Art: The Eric Sack Collection

Collector Eric Sack on his collection of Underground Comix Art – the world's largest collection of its kind. The collection will be offered at Heritage Auctions, HA.com, Nov. 17-19, 2016....

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Victor Moscoso, Robert Crumb, Spain Rodriguez - Zap Comics

Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso, Spain Rodriguez - discussing Zap Comics and underground comics, living in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. This is an excerpt from \

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Underground Comics.m4v

A collaborative documentary project with Ryan Gifford, Carly Lapidus, and Ariana Scalia.

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Underground Comics


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ZAP Don Donahue underground APEX comix art. Ink drawing.

Don Donahue (1942 -- October 27, 2010) was one of the founding publishers of the West Coast underground comix movement in the 1960s. ZAP Don Donahue underground APEX comix art. Ink drawing....

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Spain- underground comics book signing pt. 4

Saturday, October 1st, 8pm -- 10pm Escapist Comic Bookstore, 3090 Claremont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705 510-65COMIC Underground Comix Legend Spain Rodriguez and Author/Historian Dan Fogel...

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ipi Spanish-American Artist VICTOR MOSCOSO; 'COLOR', The Print Mint, 1971. Underground Comix.

Victor Moscoso is a Galician-American artist from Oleiros, Galicia, Spain, born in 1936. Best known for producing psychedelic rock posters, advertisements, and underground comix in San Francisco...

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panellogy 041 - zap comix

about zap comix #1 to #15 from last gasp ... with comics from Robert Crumb, Clay S. Wilson, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams...

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Underground Comic Review: Slow Death #8 (the special green peace issue)

In this episode of Underground Comic Review I take a look at Slow Death #8 an environmental activism Comic that came out in the late 70's. some artists featured are Greg Irons and R. H. Brand.

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Don Donahue underground comix sculpture.

Don Donahue (1942 -- October 27, 2010) was one of the founding publishers of the West Coast underground comix movement in the 1960s. In San Francisco in 1968, Donahue traded his hi-fi tape...

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Underground Comic Review: Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy#8

In this episode I review the Final issue of Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy. Some Artist's featured are Krystine Kryttre, Llyod Dangle, and Evan Dorkin. Also very sorry if I mispronounce any names.

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Rebel Visions Underground Comix by Patrick Rosenkranz

books , böoks , books4life , booksagram , booksale , booksaleph , booksandbreakfast , booksarelife , bookselfie , bookseller , booksforchildren , booksforever , booksforharla4kgiveaway , booksfork...

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Underground Comic Books from 1960's

Premieres Thursday, April 5th at 9pm et/pt. CNBC takes you inside the evolution of comics and the revolutions in movie making that created the most powerful force in Hollywood. From superheroes...

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Rebel Visions The Underground Comix Revolution


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Underground Comic Review: COMIX BOOK #4 \

In this episode of Underground Comic Review I review Comix Book #4 featuring work by Kim Dietch, Harvey Pekar, and Skip Williamson.

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Underground Comic Review Stickboy #1 F.T.W

Review of Stickboy #1 by Dennis Warden.

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Underground Comix

Underground Comix available from the ArtCenter Library.

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PHONE HOTEL underground comic art

CONVERSATIONS with the artist . from a san francisco motel room .

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